About Telecare
The Telecare service is a UKMG initiative that has been developed as a way to help protect vulnerable people from being contacted via telephone by direct marketing organisations. It is a free service both for the public to take advantage of, and for organisations to become part of.

If you are an organisation that deals with telemarketing, and feel that you should take responsibility for the consumer details that you purchase. This service could be for you. Not only will you be operating in a more ethical way, you will also benefit from better conversions and engaged customers.
This service may be suitable for individuals who fall under one of the following categories:
  • The elderly or people with hearing difficulties.
  • Disabled people who may have difficulty, or are inconvenienced by, trying to answer telephone calls.
  • People who suffer from a mental illness, who answer positively to marketing calls, but ultimately have no desire or requirement for the outcome.
  • Shift workers should not be disturbed during normal operating hours due to irregular working patterns.

Register your details

Signing up to the Telecare service is a straight forward process. If you (or a family member) do not wish to be contacted over the telephone by direct marketing organisations, simply complete the registration form and our team will ensure your details are added to the register.

We take our responsibility as a data provider seriously. We are committed to protecting vulnerable individuals, and work alongside data suppliers and call centres in order to protect people from the negative impacts that telephone based direct marketing can have.

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Take part in the scheme

If you believe the Telecare scheme would be applicable to your organisation and wish to take part, we’re keen to hear from you.

There are two membership options available depending on the technical abilities and available resources that your organisation has:

  • As a supporter member, you’ll receive an updated Telecare register each month in order to screen your call file against.
  • As a contributor member, you’ll screen your data, and supply the relevant DNC files in order to append the register.
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Protecting vulnerable people and improving the industry


The UK Marketing Group offers marketing support for a wide range of businesses across the UK. We feel it’s our responsibility to ensure the best practice in the direct marketing industry and work with very like

minded organisations to reduce the negative impacts that direct marketing can have on select demographic groups of UK individuals.