Why take part in Telecare?

This page is for organisations who want to join the Telecare service. If you are an individual wanting to register on the Telecare service please

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If you agree with us, and feel that vulnerable people should be protected from telemarketing calls, we would love to work with you. We believe that as data providers and direct marketing organisations, we need to take responsibility for consumer data, especially for those individuals who need telemarketing calls the least.

It’s free to become a part of the Telecare service, and you will benefit from the opportunity to not only operate in a more ethical way, but generate better conversions and gain engaged customers.
There are two membership options available, and they depend on the technical abilities and available resources that your organisation has:
  • Supporter member- you’ll receive an updated Telecare register each month in order to screen your call file against.
  • Contributor member- you’ll screen your data, and supply the relevant DNC files in order to append the register.