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If you wish to sign up to the Telecare service and reduce the amount of unsolicited calls that you receive, simply complete the form below. We will ensure that your contact details are removed from our databases, as well as those of the direct marketing organisations that have signed up to be part of the Telecare service.

We take our responsibilities as a data provider very seriously, and categorically don’t want to supply any details of people who for any reason wish not to be contacted via the telephone. The Telecare service has been developed by UKMG as a way of protecting vulnerable people from being contacted via telephone based direct marketing. Working with other data suppliers and call centres, both in the UK and abroad, we aim to reduce the disruption and inconvenience that telemarketing activities cause for particular individuals.
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If you would be interested in joining Telecare and protecting vulnerable people from direct marketing, we would like to hear from you.

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